LECTURE: Discourse Given Before an Audience

Randy Pausch, faced with the inevitable after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, gave his "Last Lecture" at Carnegie Mellon in 2007. It turned out to be a roadmap of life lessons, stories, and dreams. Most importantly, it became a legacy for his children.  It made me ask myself, what would I say?

As a mother of 9, if there isn't a bodily fluid or food spilled on something, it isn't a normal day.  People around me often say they're busy, then glance at me and offer some sort of apology or empathetic look. Sometimes awestruck, sometimes pitying, they are usually astounded.  Having a large family is unbelievably challenging, but I am impossibly, totally grateful for the people (little and big) whose journey I've had the privilege to share. 

Here, I honor your stories and what I've learned so far.

This is my last lecture.

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Those Who Walked Before Me

I thank you

We have lived what I call life compacted: many deaths, births, journeys through illness, joy, and loss almost beyond belief. 

We remember.

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Dorothea Ku-DiPietro

Mom, Coach, Writer

Born to a first generation Chinese immigrant and one of six to the first "mixed" couple in the neighborhood-I wouldn't change a thing. Not the poverty, hardship, or struggle. It ensured I'd have a story to tell.

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Those Who Walk Beside Me

my husband, my children

my family

I hope that if there is one thing that I've done right, it's to have loved you. This is for you...the struggles, laughter, pain, and learning. Please take the gift and make it your own.